Roads and Parking


The roads and pathways in Liberty Grove belong to the Community. They are maintained by the Community, not Council, the RTA or any other authority. The roads form part of Lot 1 (the Community Common Property).

All roads in Liberty Grove are designated as Open Access Ways (the tarred roads) or Private Access Ways (the paved roads). They are not Public Roads as defined in the Roads Act, nor have they been dedicated to the Council.

Driving on the ‘Shared Roads’ in Liberty Grove

All roads within Liberty Grove are ‘shared zones’. Because there are limited footpaths in Liberty Grove, the roads are shared between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. In considering safety, there is a rule that L plate drivers are NOT permitted to drive within Liberty Grove since L platers lack experience behind the wheel, which means that it is dangerous to have them in close proximity to pedestrians, particularly children.

Speeding on the main roads is a serious problem. Since people use the roads to walk, cycle and even meet, this needs to be addressed. The Parking and Traffic Sub-Committee has been formed to monitor and review parking, driver behaviour and speeding on the roads in Liberty Grove and also review the effectiveness of existing traffic calming devices and speed signage in Liberty Grove, currently the speed limit is 20km/hr. The Sub-Committee invites the community to participate by providing recommendations, suggestions and feedback from their experiences.

 Children are often about on our roads. This means drivers should take extra care and look out for pedestrians and cyclists when driving on the roads in Liberty Grove and always give way to pedestrians on all our roads.

The RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW) regulates speeds on public roads in NSW, and has set the speed limit for ‘shared zones’ at 10km/hour. This is not practical for an estate the size of Liberty Grove, so it is especially important that drivers at Liberty Grove slow down and do not exceed the current speed limit of 20km/hour. The speed limits in Liberty Grove are under review by the Parking and Traffic Sub-Committee.

There is allocated parking for every resident of Liberty Grove. There are also many visitor and disabled parking spots available.

Certain by-laws relate to parking which include no parking on grass, no parking where the car is on or obstructing the roadway and no residents are to park in visitor or disabled parking spots. If security officers find anyone breaching these by-laws, they are issued with a by-law breach notice which is generally effective in preventing further breaches.