Getting to Liberty Grove

Liberty Grove New South Wales 2138

Liberty Grove is 16 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district and lies within the City of Canada Bay Council. Liberty Grove is situated between the suburbs of Rhodes and Concord.

Liberty Grove is accessible by regular bus, train and ferry services, as well as by car from Homebush Bay Drive.

Liberty Grove is easily accesible by regular train services from both Rhodes and Concord West train stations. Residents of Liberty Grove can enjoy a short stroll to either train station or take advantage of the bike path, many choosing to cycle before catching their train.

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Since 19 December 2010, Liberty Grove residents and their visitors can use the M41 high frequency metro bus, either Southbound to Burwood and Hurstville, or Northbound to Top Ryde City and Macquarie Centre/University. Buses operate approximately every 10 minutes during the peak period, 15 minutes throughout the day and approximately every 20 minutes on weekends and other times.

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Residents and visitors are also able to catch 458 and 459 buses which stop just outside Liberty Grove.

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Liberty Grove can also be accessed by ferry from either Sydney Olympic Park or Meadowbank wharves.

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Vehicle access to Liberty Grove is only available from Homebush Bay Drive. If travelling south, there is a turning lane and entrance to the centre of Liberty Grove. If travelling north, take the left hand turnoff that also leads to Rhodes Waterside, and then drive underneath Homebush Bay Drive to access the northern vehicle entrance. As well as the two vehicle entrances, there are two pedestrian entrances, one to the east, leading underneath the railway line to Queen Street, and one to the south, leading to Concord Avenue and King Street.  From the northern (vehicle) entrance Rhodes station is only a 10 minute walk.  From the southern (pedestrian) entrance Concord West station and beautiful Bicentennial Park are only a 5 minute walk.